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czwartek, 11 lutego 2016

Poland – the magic part of Europe

Eastern part of Europe is a place where West and East merge. There is a region culturally shaped by different nationalities and religions: Poles, Belarussians, Jews, Lithuanians and Tatars.

Tatar Trail, Kruszyniany, mosque

Evidence of that multiculturalism are historic monuments and contemporary temples: Catholic and Orthodox churches, mosques and synagogues.

The traces different cultures can also be found in the local cuisine, costumes and language. From this point of view this is the most interesting region in Poland, and maybe even in all Europe. Here we have something that might be called a living tradition. A unique and very interesting.

Suwalki Region, Augustów Canal, phot. J. Koniecko

More info about culture, traditions, beautiful nature (Białowieża and Knyszyn Forest, Biebrza Marshes…) and the possibility to travel to Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, can be found on the website:

Tourists will find plenty of attractions, architectural monuments, museums, active tourism like kayaking, cycling tours, horse riding, ballooning and delicious local cuisine.

Tykocin, Podlaskie Voivodship

We recommend Suwałki Region (Polish: Suwalszczyzna, Lithuanian: Suvalkų kraštas). The north-east corner of Poland, near the Lithuania border.  Suwałki Region is one of the most beautiful part of Poland. More info: Suwalki.

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